Why you should learn Contract Drafting?

Did you ever think of becoming a contract drafter, when you were planning to join your L.Lb. course, or even when you became a practicing lawyer?

No one does that. Why?

Because, most of us think of becoming a lawyer or judge. Beyond that one may wish to specialize in fields like, IPR, Labour, etc. But, even a lawyer who specializes in a specific legal area will need to deal with contracts.

It may be a license agreement to grant rights related to patent, copyright, trademarks, etc. It can be a settlement agreement between company management and labor union. Even litigation lawyers must also know contract drafting.

So, whether one may want or not, as a legal professional it will help if one knows contract drafting.

Where one can learn Contract Drafting?

Indian Law universities do offer ‘Drafting & Pleading’ as a subject. However, these may not impart the contract drafting skills that one may need after becoming a legal professional.

Sadly, the level of skills required to become an expert contract drafter comes with experience. So, all of us learn contract drafting on the job. But, after becoming an expert contract drafter, most legal professionals keep the knowledge to themselves.

Recently, some private institutions and lawyers have started offering contract drafting courses. But, these are either beyond the financial reach of poor students, or simply not good enough to address the needs. Some also offer contract drafting seminars, but law students may not gain much from such seminars, unless they have prior experience in contract drafting.

So, what is the solution?

You got it right.

We are that solution.

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