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Module 2 – Courses on Contract Law

These courses are designed to help you learn about how contract and other laws affect the contract drafting process. You also get to refresh your basics of these laws, and will also see individual sections in a new light.

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Contract Law-Part 1

This course covers the basics of contract law (viz., consideration, void and voidable, etc.). Each individual section of the Act is analysed in detail, supported with case laws and real world examples.

  • 6h 30min
Contract Law-Part 2

This course covers the advance topics of contract law (viz., damages, indemnity, etc.). This course will help you maintain a balance between your clause drafting, the contract law and real world situations.

  • 20h 00min​

This course will teach you about different types of dispute resolution process in detail. You will learn to use different dispute resolution clauses for different circumstances, referring actual contracts.

  • 15h 00min​

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