It is vital that a contract drafter has reasonable command over the basics of the language in which they will draft a contract.

In India, contracts are drafted in English, Hindi and Vernacular languages. But, most commercial contracts are drafted in English.

If you wish to improve your drafting skill, you must hone your grammar and writing skills. Reading books on different subjects also helps.

Your focus should be read as many contracts. You will find that a simple Term clause can be written in different ways. Lets us review some examples.

Sample Term Clause

Sample 1

This Agreement shall come into effect with effect from DD/MM/YYYY and shall remain valid for a period of XX years (“Term”).

Sample 2

This Agreement is valid for a period of a period of XX months, starting from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY (“Term”).

If you have sufficient command on language and grammar you can construct desirable contract clause, without harming your client’s interest. You can use this soft skill to protect your client from unnecessary risks.

A simple advise on drafting any contract clause is:

Less Words have greater impact.


Where to find free learning resources for contract drafting?

You can start by reading blogs, contract drafts prepared by other lawyers, by searching for contract drafting related articles on Legal Article websites, online repositories of contracts and contract clauses.

Some of these are mentioned below:

So, if you are ready, let’s move to next lesson.

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