What is Contract Drafting?

Contract Drafting is a process which is used for drafting contracts. If you think about it, everyone can draft a contract. You may have even already drafted contracts many a times.

But to become good at contract drafting, you will need certain skills, and that is what this course is about.

You may be good at writing letters and documents. Still you may not be a good contract drafter. Drafting contracts is not about writing skills. It is more about structuring the transaction on paper, identifying contractual and commercial risks, accommodating needs of contract parties, anticipating potential reasons of disputes and including intelligently drafted clauses to manage all these and many other issues through careful pre-planning.

Drafting requires writing skills as well as legal acumen.

Contract Drafting is Science, as it is based on some basic pre-set rules, which a contract drafter must adhere to while drafting a contract.

Contract Drafting is also an art form, as it allows contract drafters enough leeway to draft a contract as per their own unique style.

To become a good contract drafter, one must be prepared to read and practice a lot.

So, if you are ready, let’s move to next lesson.

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