This is an introduction of contract drafting process.

You must throw away and unlearn everything that you think you know about contract drafting.

To understand and appreciate why such a commitment is required, you have to first understand that to learn contract drafting:

  • Your mind must be empty of all ego (knowledge that you know something about contract drafting or even drafting)
  • You must be committed and patient to learn.
  • You must have an inquisitive mind
  • You must be creative
  • You must have basic skills to read and write in the language of your choice.
  • You must be willing to break free from adopting current way of contract drafting
  • You must not follow run of the mill (ready made) solutions, but we willing to create your own path.

Such a commitment is expected from you, as you are the future contract drafters who must have high ideals to create your own mark in the field.

So, if you are ready, do begin.

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