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Module 1 – Contract Drafting Courses

These courses are designed to help you learn all aspects of contract drafting. They are structured in three categories, starting from Basic to Advance.

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Beginner Course on Contract Drafting

Learn all about pre-requisites of contract drafting process. This course is for you, whether your are a novice or have some prior contact drafting experience.

  • 6h 30min
INTERMEDIATE Course on Contract Drafting

Learn all about different types of clauses. Learn how to draft each clause. Learn about each aspect you need to consider before and after drafting a clause.

  • 20h 00min​
Advance Course on Contract Drafting

Learn the inter-play between contract clauses, and how they get affected by facts or law. Learn how to mitigate potential risks, and protect your client.

  • 15h 00min​

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