Contract Drafting-Is it Art or Science?

Contract drafting is both an art and science. What you will learn is both an art and science.

This course is a summary of what I know on the subject of contract drafting. I will be do my best to share the right knowledge only and will refrain from sharing any thing that I have not well researched.

My promise to you is that after you go through the course, do the recommended exercises and follow my instructions, you will have enough knowledge and skill to become a good contract drafter. After that more you put your efforts in reading more contract, a better contract drafter you will become.

Try to draft and review your drafts after some time and then redraft again. In simple words, Edit > Review > Edit, and you may surprise yourself with the result.

I strongly suggest you just do not copy-paste the entire clause in your contract drafts, but you also sincerely vet and reword them to suit your own requirements.

So, happy drafting…